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Antigone's Pass

Antigone's Pass was a final project in my Visual Development course, in which I created my own story, characters, and environments to design and display. Although project is very short, it was my first time art directing my own story and developing a world in a professional sense. So, I guess you can say it was super fun, and I hope to do more projects like this in the future.

Done for the Northwest College of Art and Design

Maddy olson synop
Maddy olson 4 scene1

Judith takes to becoming a skilled fur trapper in order to survive the harsh cold.

Maddy olson 9 hell fire

The fire was the result of a burst of courage and rage, and forced Salome and Judith to live as fugitives for the rest of their lives.

Maddy olson 7 scene2

A tender moment beside the fire, the mountaineering life is hard, but far better than their past.

Maddy olson 5 enviro1updated

Their cabin is small and comfortably settled in a wide clearing in the mountains. The cabin was abandoned when they found it, but it quickly became their home.

Maddy olson 6 enviro2

The Clark Fork river cuts through the pass.

Maddy olson salomebod

Her jacket was a relic of her days scavenging on the trail, a Union soldier found dead in the country that (luckily) wore the same jacket size.

Maddy olson salome prop
Maddy olson 2 judithref

Judith's days tailoring and sewing at the plantation pay off tremendously, as she can create the perfect winter clothing.

Maddy olson judith props

Due to their life on the run, Salome and Judith have to pick up whatever they can find in order to survive, resulting in Judith wielding an old flintlock musket.

Maddy olson jufyconcept
Maddy olson 3 salomerough