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Paradise Found and Impending Doom mood exercises.

As a complement to my Paradise Lost piece, my goal in the first piece was to create an unsettling scene where something cataclysmic is lurking in the very near future. Inspired (loosely) by gothic architecture and gregorian chapels along with definite hints of gothic horror. Looming towers are intended to present a sense of powerlessness and the statues holding crucifixes are foreboding and malicious. The man on the stairs is only a secondary cause of unrest, and intentionally so.

My goal for the second was to create a paradise isolated from the world that offers serenity and peace. Inspired by the sloped mountains of Glacier Park, specifically in Upper Two Medicine Lake with which I have a deep family connection as my brothers ashes were spread there, the notion of peace and tranquility is somewhere with a deep and powerful emotional connection. This is what I wanted to convey here, that even after the mountain tops have flooded, there is still oasis to be found.

Maddy olson impendingdoob

"Impending Doom"

Maddy olson foundparadice

"Paradise Found"